LEED for Homes project completed

Construction has recently been completed on a potential LEED for Homes Platinum project located at 5051 Beach Road in Troy, Michigan.  This home was built by Thomas Sebold and Associates (TSA) and designed by Young and Young Architects.  It is a stunning home with incredible daylighting and views of nature.  The home also gives a nod to the former owner, renown architectural photographer, Balthazar Korab.


The home incorporates many sustainable features including:

  • Advanced framing and SIP(structural Insulated Panel) roof.
  • Geothermal Heating and Cooling with radiant floors
  • 5.3 kWh Photovoltaic system
  • Low water use plumbing fixtures
  • Air tight construction less then 2 ACH (air changes per hour)
  • Ample day lighting
  • LED lighting with occupancy controls
  • Recycled copper roof
  • Locally sourced wood for flooring and cabinets
  • Sustainable countertops –Paperstone

Visit our LEED for homes link to find out more about the LEED for Homes process