LEED Platinum Home in Ann Arbor

We have recently completed certification of a LEED Platinum home in Ann Arbor.


This home features:

Dow Powerhouse Solar Shingles to produce almost all electrical needs.  Solar shingles blend in with standard asphalt roofing shingles but perform like a solar panel to create solar energy.

A geothermal system linked to a high velocity HVAC system which helps control humidity and temperature through custom designed earth tubes.  Earth tubes draw outside air through underground tubes which cool or heat the air, depending on the season.  The air is then filtered and distributed through out the house to help reduce energy requirements for heating and cooling.

Phase change material (PCM) is installed in exterior walls and under roof deck.  PCM absorbs Btu’s from exterior forces like the sun which helps regulate inside temperature.  The PCM is designed to release the Btu’s back into the space once indoor temperatures drop below a designed threshold, in this case 65 degrees.  PCM can store unwanted heat from the sun during the day, and give it back to the house when needed at night.

Advanced framing techniques and extensive building envelope upgrades.  This house scored a HERS (Home energy rating score) of 20 which means it is 80% more efficient then a code built home.

Low flow fixtures

High efficiency(LED) lighting

Drought tolerant natural landscape

ERV(energy recovery ventilator) to balance all exhausted air from the home and bring in fresh filtered make up air which re-absorbes the exhausted air’s energy in the form of heat and moisture.

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